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Live Free or Die

See Katie perform"Live Free or Die"

The Northern Pass is a project that would run high-voltage DC power lines through rural northern New Hampshire to southern NH, Massachusetts and southern New England. Although this power is hydro, it is by no means "green." If this project was to go through, it would reek havoc on the local economy, ecology and personal safety and health of New Hampshire residents.

The fear of many is that Hydro-Quebec, a private corporation, may have eminent domain to expand the existing right-of-way, in addition to clearing over forty new miles in the National Forest. These 135-ft. steel power lines would not only split a forest habitat and destory the beauty of untouched land, but pass directly over the homes of NH families, emitting dangerous rays and depreciating home and land values.

Join Katie Rose in the fight! Visit
www.livefreeorfry.org and find out how you can get involved. Know that your voice matters, and that by working together we will succeed in saving the way of life that so many generations of people have worked to sustain in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

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