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Katie Rose is a musician on a mission. With a passion for life, love for humanity and a vision of a bright tomorrow, Katie uses her music to make a positive impact on the world around her.

Katie has produced two albums to date: "
Will Work For Food (2008)
," and "Peace of Mind (2009)
", and has plans to release her third by spring 2011. Her new-age folk sound and powerful lyrics invite listeners to become part of a movement toward unity in their community and around the world. Through her music, Katie Rose poses questions about society today and brings a meaningful and inspirational message of a peaceful and loving existence.

Her work with local and national non-profit organizations has helped to raise thousands of dollars through benefit concerts. In addition, she has written theme songs for such organizations as the Cancer Relay for Life (“Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back”) and The Way Home (“The Way Home”), just to name a few.

Most recently, Katie has become involved with a movement in opposition of the Northern Pass project, which would run high-tension, DC power lines through all of New Hampshire, causing devastation to the local economy, ecology and health of NH residents. Her song, “Live Free or Die”, captures the emotions that many are feeling, and is a reminder that nothing is impossible when people join together. Born and raised in rural New Hampshire, this project has struck Katie extremely close to the heart. Read More!

Realizing how crucial the next generation is to our future, Katie Rose brings her music with a message to schools in New Hampshire, on both elementary and high school levels. Discussing and singing about such themes as unity, love, empathy and personal responsibility, it is her goal to reach as many young people as possible. She has taught music at the elementary school level and currently teaches music to private students.

Katie Rose’s latest album, "
Moments Of Clarity (2009)
", has just been released. This album takes a look into Katie’s life, and poses universal questions of life, love and the world today.

Tomorrow is unknown, but with the support of friends, family and fans, Katie Rose continues on her musical journey.

“Take your light and light up the world.”

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